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Welcome to RGK Insurance

RGK is an independent insurance agency providing the insurance coverage your business needs along with comprehensive risk management services and business solutions.  In addition to the expertise provided  by RGK’s staff, RGK policyholders have unmatched access to a wide array of services through a collaborative program with RC Kelly Law Associates, LLC.  Business services available to RGK policyholders include:

  • Business Counsel Program
  • Contract Administration Program
  • Human Resources Consulting
  • Workers Compensation Claim Assistance
  • Collections Assistance
  • Enterprise Risk Management

When you choose RGK Insurance, you get more than just an insurance policy.  You get comprehensive business support.  Between expertise of our staff, the security offered by our insurance companies and the services offered by our collaboration partners, your business has never been so well served.  We invite you to learn more about how RGK can serve your business and personal insurance needs.    

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